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18th December 2019 CHRISTMAS Social Event
1st January NO Meeting
15th January Marcus Buck
5th February Three Musketeers & February Competition
19th February Gregory Moreton
4th March Gary Rance & March Competition
18th March Geoff Warr —- MEETING CANCELLED
1st April Les Thorne & April Competition —- MEETING CANCELLED
15th April Three Musketeers —- MEETING CANCELLED
6th May AGM & May Competition —- MEETING CANCELLED
20th May Emma Cook aka “The Tiny Turner” —- MEETING CANCELLED
3rd June Paul Hannaby & June Competition —- MEETING CANCELLED
17th June Bryan Brumfield —- MEETING CANCELLED
1st July To Be Advised & July Competition —- MEETING CANCELLED
15th July To Be Advised —- MEETING CANCELLED
5th August Adrian Finch & August Competition —- MEETING CANCELLED
19th August Three Musketeers —- MEETING CANCELLED
2nd September Roger Gilbert & September Competition — MEETING CANCELLED
16th September Geoff Warr
7th October Gerald Hubbard & October Competition
21st October Mick Denton
4th November Ian George & November Competition
18th November The Three Musketeers
2nd December Roger Gilbert & December Competition
16th December CHRISTMAS Social Evening