Club Night – 3rd November 2021

The demonstrator for the evening was Emma Cook (aka The Tiny Turner) although Emma was stuck in traffic but managed to get to the venue just in time. She introduced the subject for the evening as a variation on her “Gonks” which was to be a Father Christmas LED light. This was a multi component project comprising turned wooden base, hat, nose, bobble, beard fabric and a glass dome and LED string light.

The turning aspect followed usual faceplate and spindle orientation practices although the base and hat needed a bowl turned fairly accurately to match the glass dome. The base was brushed to clean the grain, sprayed black and then gilt waxed to highlight the grain. The hat was stained red except for the bead at the bottom which represented the fur trim.

The wooden bits and the beard were assembled with ca glue and the wood to glass joints were bonded with Soudal Fixall glue which is flexible.

Emma had some kits for this project for sale on the night and if you are interested she also has them for sale on her website. Overall the demonstration proved to be of interest and showed that you can create a project of your own with a little imagination.

The November competition was also run and the winner was Colin Gee with his nicely turned vase.

Second place was Colin Humphries with his tripod stool (although the poor photography work makes it look like 2 legs. The third is behind the front one).

Third was David Hartley with a lovely turned and coloured bowl.