Club Night – 6th October 2021

For this evenings demonstration we welcomed Richard Findley, a well known and respected production woodturner. During his introduction Richard told us about how he got into woodturning and what his work entails. The demonstration was a table leg with a twin start twist which is one of the items he is regularly asked to make.

Richard demonstrated the processes he undertakes and the tools he uses, but more importantly he described in detail the type of cuts with those tools and how to handle them correctly and comfortably. As part of the production process he uses a story board to make sure that all of the important dimensions are the same on each piece.

The explanation of the layout for the twist was fully explained and then shown to us. The finished leg was not completed to the quality that he would usually achieve on his commissions but was sufficient to show us how it could be made.

The evening also included our first competition table for a number of months and the turnout was excellent both in number and quality.

First place went to Geoff Warr with his segmented bowl.

Second place went to David Hartley with his pair of 

Third place was a gravity defying wine glass and bottle by Dave Simms.

This was a fantastic evening, fully entertaining and insightful which everyone enjoyed.