Club Night – 4th August 2021

Well after 17 months of Covid lockdowns and restrictions we managed to get the first club night where people could meet face to face. What a pleasant change it was, so welcome everyone who attended it was good to see you all.  

The night itself was a rather quiet affair, meeting old friends, catching up on what we were all doing and viewing the excellent pieces of work that members brought in. Such a good turn out and an inspiration to get on and challenge yourself.

We were lucky to have a small bandsaw donated to the group which will be a very useful addition to our equipment. Mick Denton took the opportunity to demonstrate how to set up a bandsaw to get the best out of it. He also demonstrated it’s versatility with free hand cutting and use of the fence including cutting veneers. The safety aspect of maintenance and usage was explained. A very interesting demonstration even to those of us without a bandsaw.

Hopefully this will mean that we can get back to normal (well the new normal that is). We obviously needed to abide by the covid rules for the village hall but they were not too onerous. 

The next meeting will be getting into the woodturning experience with Les Thorne doing a demonstration. These are always a great event so please come along and be prepared to learn something.