Club Night – 20th November 2019

The evenings meeting was for the 3 impostors, a play on words as alternative demonstrators for the usual 3 Musketeers. The impostors were Ian George, Adrian Finch and Ken Garratt who kept the audience amused with bowls, an old fashioned telephone masquerading as a candle stick and a tea caddy spoon. 

This was an opportunity for members to start demonstrating but in a warm and friendly atmosphere and we will look to continue this over the next 12 months so if anyone is interested please put your name forward. It is a daunting prospect to undertake but is enjoyable, give it a go.

The audience look on with interest
Ian George working on a bowl
Adrian Finch working on his candle stick
Ken Garratt working on the tea caddy spoon


Club Night – 6th November 2019

Tonight was the turn of Ian George to demonstrate some woodturning, the first item was a mushroom made from a small Yew log. This was started between centres and a chucking tenon established.

Once the piece was mounted in the chuck it was turned to shape and the head undercut using a spindle gouge.


Although relatively simple this was interesting to see how the operations were performed.

The second item was a natural edge bowl where a log was mounted on a screw chuck and turned out and a chucking recess created.

Once the outside shape was finished the bowl was rechucked onto the recess and was hollowed. Again this explained the processes admirably and gave many of us inspiration to try something similar. 

The last 10 minutes were filled with a quick T light holder which looked to be a nice fun project for novice turners.

The November competition was once again well subscribed with a wealth of quality projects.

1st was a little box by Gerald Hubbard.

2nd was a cat by Clive Bryant

Equal 3rd was a vase by Roger Gilbert and a pot by Mick Denton