Club Night – 18th September 2019

Gerald Hubbard undertook this demonstration which was designed to provide instruction and little nuggets of knowledge from a very experienced woodturner.

His first part was to produce a garden dibber which he showed us at normal speed to show how quickly they can be made. He then proceeded to show the process as a step by step guide including use of the skew chisel and a marking out template.

The second part was to make a small lidded box often described as a tooth fairy box. Gerald described it as a one handed fit lidded box. This means that the lid is sufficiently loose to be able to remove it using just one hand. Gerald started this process from first principles and explained actions such as measuring, facing off, hollowing, witness marks, Jam chucks and much more.

The final part was to fill the time so he made a 2 part mushroom.

All in all this was a very entertaining, informative and inspirational demonstration.