Club Night – 7th August 2019

The demonstrator tonight was one of our members Geoff Warr who said that he wanted to demonstrate the turning of a Femisphere, which had everyone in the room saying “a what?”.

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The thing on top of the pedestal is a femisphere

The form required split turning and 2 axis turning apparently. Geoff had made up the blank already and it was held together with double sided tape. We are not sure if Geoff’s comment about the double sided tape always holding was the kiss of death but unfortunately with a heavyish catch the blank split. Without any backup Geoff had to abandon that and continued with creating a candlestick made up in 3 sections. This demonstrated faceplate and spindle turning including making spigots for gluing pieces together.

The base
The spindle
More of the spindle
The cup
The finished candlestick

We also had the August competition which was really well represented this month with a table full of pieces to peruse.

First place was a lidded pot which fittingly was made by our demonstrator Geoff Warr. (The lid was made from a core from the centre of the bowl).

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2nd place was a 3 way tie with a pestle and mortar by Clive Bryant, A flask type vase by Bryan Turner and an inside out turned lamp by Roger Gilbert

3rd place went to a nice little threaded thimble box by Gerald Hubbard.