Club Night – 19th September 2018

The evenings demonstration by Mick Denton was turning of plywood. Mick had made up 2 blanks from glued together plywood. To add interest to the finished item the faces of the plywood had been painted black to create a black line once the edges were exposed. If you can get them you could also use powdered poster paints mixed in with the pva glue to make the coloured line. Another way to add interest is to cut the blank on an angle so that the finished item is not just rings straight across.

Primarily the turning is the same as for face plate orientation although working with plywood does result in tear out that needs to be managed. Another risk is that the gluing may not be solid and some voids may occur so additional ca glue and fillers may be needed. It pays to listen to your work as you turn it to pick up on any potential problems before they become dangerous.

From a turning point of view the glue in the plywood really blunts your tools quickly so sharpening is a major concern during the process.


Mick made a pot pourri bowl out of the angled blank and the makings of a vase from the concentric blank. The turning proved to be entertaining with some banter adding to the evening.