Club Night – 2nd May 2018

There were lathes all over the place today, some heading to vehicles for eventual transport to Daventry Woodworks and three of them being set up for the Three Turners May Showdown.

While the demo lathes were being set up, this meeting’s competition pieces were laid out, chairs set up – and, of course, the tea urn switched on to complete preparations for the evening’s activities.

At the end of the evening, the Daventry-bound lathes and a goodly number of pieces for the club stand at Woodworks were loaded into their transports and we all went our respective ways.


1st Gerald’s small box has excellent detailing and just “works” at all levels. Very nice!

Boxwood box with threaded lid, Gerald

2nd A deceptively simple shape on this undercut burr oak bowl by Mick

Burr oak bowl, Mick

3rd As well as the flowers and the vase, Clive has managed to insert some segmented work into this nice display set.

Vase and flowers, Clive

….and a picture of the table with some other items

RyanAir or BA??

Demonstration by The Three Turners – Mick, Gerald and Roger

With Mick on the Poolewood, Gerald on the Coronet Herald and Roger on the Axminster, all very different lathes, the task was for each to produce a goblet from the supplied – and particularly nice – yew branchwood. All three turners have different styles and it was interesting to see them each go about it in their own ways. There was, of course, no element of competition whatsoever!

Gerald marking out
Gerald hollowing the goblet

Concentration levels were high both behind and in front of the lathes and the time flew by until it was teabreak and raffle time. Mick, unfortunately, went through the bottom of his goblet and had to start again, but he recovered well and his second attempt was commendably brave with a thin stem and a pleasing shape to the cup.

Mick shaping his first goblet

After refreshment the trio continued, with Roger the first to finish, but all three completed very nice goblets within the time available and were given a good round of applause for their efforts.

Roger mounting the blank
.. and nearly finished

As mentioned above, the level of concentration from the turners and the degree of attention from the audience was notable throughout the demo; it really was an excellent demo. Many thanks to Mick, Gerald and Roger for their efforts.