Club Night – 20th December 2017

As the last meeting before Christmas, this was more of a social event than anything else, although there were informal demos by Gerald and Mick.

Gerald turned a lovely oak apple that just begged to be handled, such was it’s appearance and shape. Perhaps a new line in stress relievers is on the way?

Mick turned a quick box for Colin and Roger and then started another project but ran out of time due to more pressing business…

…namely, eating the various goodies brought in for this, the pre-Christmas, meeting. There was too much food for our abstemious bunch, with plenty left over – better than not having enough. Very many thanks go to Joan and the others who brought in the food, set it up on the tables and then served the tea and coffee to wash it all down.

The raffle was held, as usual, for cash prizes, but was augmented by a good variety of Christmas prizes – whisky, cakes etc. First prize was won – as is becoming the norm – by John!

After this, tables and chairs were cleared away, lathes put back into storage, and the hall swept before we wished each other a Merry Christmas and went on our way.

My apologies, there are no pictures due to a technical glitch – I forgot to take them as I was too busy eating!