Club Night – 5th July 2017

As this is the first meeting of the month, we had a competition in addition to the demonstration by Gerald – see more on both below

Demonstration by Gerald Hubbard, club member

Gerald showed us how to make a very nice scarf clasp out of contrasting woods.

First off he formed the disc of about 75mm dia and cut the coves in the front side, into which the pin registers. To finish the back side of the disc, he used custom wooden jaws to hold it in the chuck.

Next was the pin, around which the scarf is looped. This was about 6mm dia, 95mm long, with one end shaped both to appear pleasing to the eye and for the beads to register in the coves of the disc. Simple but effective.

Scarf Clasp


The competition again had some very nice entries, a few of which are shown below in no particular order.

Yew Apple


Just Lovely

As you can probably tell, I don’t know what the item above is called, but I very much like it, and admire the skill involved in making it.



Elm Platter